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Roald Wine Company

Our Story

Roald Wine Company came into being due to Greg Nelson's passion for wine and his appreciation for his father. Roald Nelson has always been a positive influence with many exemplary qualities. These qualities became the standard for the expressive wines that Greg is crafting.

The road to winemaking was a winding one. It led to work in Alaska, travel abroad, meditation with Buddhist monks, weightlifting, as well as research in the laboratory.

The spirit of exploration and the qualities of Roald Nelson are reflected in the wines. We invite you to try them.

Greg Nelson

Greg was born in Indiana and went to high school in New York State near Buffalo. While attending college in Madison, Wisconsin, he frequented a wine shop where he was introduced to wines from Europe and California. He developed a passion for wine, and wine became a part of daily life. Subsequently, he earned a PhD in Biology at UC San Diego for discovering the sweet taste receptor and the umami taste receptor. Accolades include an appointment as a Beckman Scholar with the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, a Hewitt Fellowship, and publication in the scientific journals Nature and Cell. While in San Diego, Greg became interested in the biology and the process of winemaking. Inevitably, he moved to Sonoma County to work in wineries. He gained experience in both the cellar and the lab at multiple wineries, including Ramey and Martinelli, and assisted with founding Conarium Wines before starting Roald Wine Company.

Roald Nelson

Roald David Nelson is one of the world's leading experts on Supply Chain Management. His 50-year career in the automotive industry began at TRW, where he worked in manufacturing, QC, sales, and purchasing, among other departments. He was Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Corporate Affairs at Honda of America, Vice President of Worldwide Supply Management at Deere & Company, and Vice President of Global Supply Management at Delphi. He served on the boards of directors for numerous companies and organizations, including Honda of America and The Purchasing Round Table. In addition, he initiated a variety of educational, research, and industry programs, co-authored three books on lean manufacturing and supply chain management, and served as Chairman and President of the Institute for Supply Management.

Dave inspired loyalty and excellence in everyone he worked with, and he is known for his character and generosity as well as his accomplishments.